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We deliver products and formulations of the highest quality worldwide, which always comply with the latest legal requirements. Our technical state-of-the-art laboratories and production facilities located in the UK, India and China, are the basic prerequisite to guarantee our customers high-quality products and professional technical support for all application questions.

With our long-standing partners, we are involved in research and development and can therefore react flexibly to changing market requirements with innovative new developments. Of course, we not only offer our products, but also support our customers with professional technical application assistance. Our goal is to work in close partnership with our customers to develop new products and solutions that meet the latest requirements.

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Basic Dyes

Basic dyes are characterised by high colour intensity and bright colouring, which, however, are not light-stable.
InfosBasic Dyes

Acid Dyes

Anionic dyes, i.e. acid dyes that are water-soluble and are absorbed directly onto the fibre from an aqueous medium.
InfosAcid Dyes

Organic Products

Organic Products in Germany that are allowed to bear the name organic quality are subject to clearly defined guidelines for cultivation and processing.
InfosOrganic Products


Each of the individual superfoods is characterised by special positive properties, such as a high concentration of vitamins or minerals.